Puppy Care

In order for your puppy to have the best chance it can at fitting comfortably into your family, it’s important that you get prepared for its arrival BEFORE you bring it home. The following information is intended to help you with this.

As always, if you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Puppy Care Tips

Things to know before bringing home your new puppy

Feeding your puppy


NutriSource Puppy Food

NuVet Nutritional Supplements

Puppy Shipping

We’d love for you to visit our farm, and our puppies, in person. That said, we understand if you can’t, and need your puppy shipped to you instead. Shipping puppies is safe and affordable, not to mention convenient!

We use ground shipping with Down Home Pet Transport, LLC which is owned by my son. Shipping nationwide is $550 for one puppy and shipping for second puppy is 1/2 price. They will deliver directly to your home.

Things to have ready before puppy arrives!

***Shopping List***

Let’s PREPARE for your new puppy!

MOST IMPORTANT to purchase BEFORE puppy comes home**

**Puppies need special nutrition.  This is a choice you make which plays a vital role in your Pets Health and Longevity

____ **FOOD:  We feed NUTRISOURCE Small & Med breed puppy dry food. PLEASE DON’T CHANGE UNTIL YOUR BABY HAS ADJUSTED.  If switching food blend together gradually.    Check www.dogfoodadvisor.com food for best quality and register for recalls.

____ ** NUVET PLUS Immune Booster:  Provides Vital nutrients for Optimal health & Longevity. Boosts immune function to protect your pet from pathogens, injuries, support vaccines, etc.  Supplements many missing antioxidants, minerals and enzymes missing in processed food… Use as a ‘treat’ – They love it!  Click here: www.nuvet.com/95486   OR Call 800-474-7400, reference #95486 (They also carry all natural ear cleaner, , shampoos and spot remover for potty training)

____ Food and water bowls ( stainless steel – avoid plastic which can leach into the food/water )
____ Bed
____ ID tag and collar  (typically not needed for the first 6 months of age)
____ Puppy waste bags – for those walks
____Crate or kennel – This isn’t ‘cruel’ but actually gives your puppy comfort like a ‘den’ once they adjust to it.


____ Puppy pee pads – if you plan to train your pup indoors at any time
____ Paper towels & spot cleaner   – for accidents
____ Teething toys
____ Puppy treats – We love NuVet (CHECK INGREDIENTS!) cause upset tummies and then diarrhea
____ Good puppy books – some suggestions:
                How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves – by Sophia Yin
                The Dog Listener – by Jan Fennel
                The Puppy Primer – Pat McConnell’s

Stopping Play Biting: https://www.purina.com//articles/dog/puppy/behavior/how-to-stop-puppy-biting

____ Shampoo and conditioner – I use an oatmeal based shampoo- NuVet makes one. Don’t use human products- Dogs have different PH and human shampoos are irritating
____ Dog brush and comb
____ Dog tooth brush and toothpaste
____ Ear cleaner 

Our mission is to breed high quality pups to bring LOVE, JOY and LAUGHTER to YOUR HOME


In addition to feeding your new puppy a quality, balanced diet, it may also be necessary to supplement with additional nutrients. In our experience, nobody manufactures the same level of dependable, quality pet supplements and NuVet. Learn More

With millions of dogs suffering from poor health, NuVet has made it their mission to help our beloved pets stay healthy for years to come. It is this passion for pets that drives them to produce the best nutritional pet supplement you can find.

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Feeding Your New Puppy

Your new puppy is used to eating NutriSource Chicken and Rice for small/medium breed puppies. A sample bag is being supplied by us for you. To find this puppy food in your area, go to their website by Clicking Here, then enter your zip code.

The puppy has been used to eating the food dry. But, if he/she act like they don’t want to eat it the first couple of days there, just add a bit of warm water to get them to eat. You can also mix a little canned puppy food with the dry, such as Pedigree Puppy.

Your puppy is also used to having access to the food all day, so if you are going to feed on a schedule, I would suggest that you feed them 2-3 times a day till they get adult size. Feed according to bags instructions and divide into how many feedings per day.

We recommend that you also carry the puppy to his/her new food and water dish in their new home for the first few days, until they get to know their way around their new home. This will ensure that you know that they are eating and drinking properly. Little puppies are likely to get lost in a new space and not find were to eat and drink at, if left to find on their own. Don’t just assume they are finding it just because you are leaving it out. It is very important that they eat and drink during the day or they will get sick. 90% of the time, puppies that die after arriving in a new home fell victim to hypoglycemia due to a lack of food. You can learn more about puppy Hypoglycemia here.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions regarding the feeding of the puppy, or with any other concerns that you question about the way the puppy acts or anything that might seem strange to you. I am here to help! 417-531-0530

NutriSource Medium Breed Puppy Food

Your new puppy will require the right balance of nutrition as they grow. Through our years of experience, we have settled upon NutriSource puppy food as one of the best options. Their proprietary blend of real, humanely-sourced chicken, along with other key ingredients, work together to help your puppy grow strong and healthy.

Click Here for more information.

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