Testimonials & Reviews

Over the many years we’ve been in business we have collected quite a few testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers. We appreciate each and everyone we get, and although we would love to list them all, we just don’t have the space! Please feel free to read the ones below at your leisure.

If you happen to be a satisfied customer, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Us or call and tell us how your baby is doing. We love updates!

Hi DeEtta!

I just wanted to give you a 3 year update on Regina (litter name Ebany). She is the best dog I could have hoped for. I am a supervisor at a dog daycare and she sits next to me and greets all the customers who walk in. They fawn over her and she eats it all up. She is smart as can be and the most loyal little companion anyone could ask for. While I was sick with Covid for a week she refused to leave my side. I just absolutely adore her. Thank you for breeding such a perfect pup!



Hello! Wanted to share an updated photo of Marley, now Zippy, (Born November 2nd 2020). He is doing amazing and is truly a love! He is a delight. He was very easy to train and doesn’t leave my side. He loves going for rides in the car and is always up for any adventure. You guys truly breed the cutest, kindest rat terriers:)



I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog Rufus is. He is easily the best Schipperke we ever had and certainly the best puppy. Such a big personality!

We love him to death!



Hi DeEtta,

I realized I had never followed up with you to thank you so much for our pup! We have been absolutely in love with her, and have named her Buffy! I cannot thank you enough for your clear communication through this process and working with Down Home Pet Transport was wonderful. Buffy has grown so quickly before our eyes and was in great health according to the vet. I just wanted to share a few photos with you and again thank you again for such a great experience!




Hi DeEtta,
We bought Bojangles, a rat terrier, from you in the spring of 2005. He arrived in Cincinnati via plane and became our family pet Lido. Lido passed away last week. He would have been 17 years old in January. He was such an incredible dog and we miss him greatly. We are so lucky
to have him in our lives for so many years. I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU. I never thought I would ever buy a dog on the internet and have him shipped in an airplane to us. LOL At the time I had nightmares about the whole process but as soon as I saw Lido I knew he was just perfect. Thank you for helping us make our family complete. Lido was the BEST DOG EVER!


 Tracy, Jeff, Kenzie, and Chase W


DeEtta, my name is Derreck F. and I bought a Rat Terrier from you in 2005. She was born Dec 11, 2004 and she turned 15 today! She is still doing great and is my best friend. She is spoiled rotten and I love her so much! Here is a few pictures of her! Just thought I would share with you!!

Hello this is Kelly Wheeler we adopted Wishbone aka our Rascal from you last year . Here he is this Christmas with his new sister Sadie. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Took the puppy to the vet to do his follow ups and the vet kept complementing how great care and records you kept. The vet office was very impressed. We have named him Rudy to go along with Rusty. Rudy bible name is might warrior and he sure is. He has learned already to go through two doggy doors to get to the back yard to play. He is truly loved and we are very happy. Hard to fine good Rat terriers.

What an amazing little boy, Memphis is doing very well and having lots of fun being with his sister Lydia 15 yrs old boxer. Memphis is pretty much potty trained now and just loving life at his new home. I will give you updates and your more then welcome to post these pics on your website. Thanks Again for all your help. Dave 6-18-19

Hello, DeEtta,
Our little girl is “Misty” (we liked & kept the name you gave her). We picked her up on 2/16/19. She was born 12/19/18 to “Belle of the Ball”; her dad is “Blue”.

Misty is beautiful, very smart, and very playful, but she’s also a fantastic cuddler! She loves us very much, and the feeling is mutual! We are full-time RVers, so we are thankful that she’s a great little traveler. She has been to 9 states in her first 4 months (MO, KY, TN, GA, FL, SC, AL, MS, & AR) and has even been to the Atlantic Ocean! Before summer’s end, she will add IL, IN, OH, NC, & VA to her list, totaling 14 states! She loves traveling in our motorhome, seeing and sniffing new places, and meeting new people. Her favorite things are her toys, playing outside, her Corgi “sister” (Katie), and snuggling up with us.

We are enjoying our new little addition to our family, and in due time, we plan to get her a little sister from you as well! I’m sending you a few photos, at various ages up to present, so you can see our happy little girl that you had raised for her first 8 weeks. Thanks so much!

Todd & Lori Davis
Bushnell FL

Hi DeEtta

Yesterday was the 3 yr anniversary I got Blue, now Benny, from you.

We spent the day competing at an agility trial. We’ve been in agility training a little over a year now. He loves it.

Thank you for breeding a great dog.

I’ve included some recent pictures of him.


Hi DeEtta and Jerry!!

I wanted to write and let you know what a sweet, sweet and smart puppy Luis is! Gosh, he is the best puppy we could have hoped for. We just adore him

We have all moved to warm and sunny Aruba!! Yes, Luis lives on Aruba now. He loves it!! Loves, loves, loves it…. we packed it up and retired with our 4 dogs… including sweet Luis!! Everyone here loves him, the vet loves him, they love us because of the care we provide our faithful companions

Thank you so much for the beautiful pups you raise-we are delighted!! and have been from the moment we saw him-he is just too sweet!!

Thanks again and here’s to another of your pups flying to us one day:-)


Hi DeEtta,

We wanted to send you an update and thanks for our wonderful little Ellie. We picked her up January 4th. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t imagine things without her. She’s been very easy to house break and train. She’s a very smart little girl. She’s very loved and spoiled. Here are a few pics of her. Thanks again for our precious little girl.

The Grogan Family

Hi DeeEtta,

Just thought I’d sent you a pic of our Biskit,(Noodles). He’s doing just fine.

Craig & Rita S.

We love her so much. She and our youngest grandson are best buddies.
Took her to vet yesterday and she weighs 6 1/2 pounds. She is on good shape.

The Clark Family, Louisiana

Hello Dee, I am just sending you an update on the beautiful little lady Lexi has become. She turned a year old on the 18th and is adored by all. She is in perfect health and way to smart. Just a reminder she is the puppy who went to NH via Boston airport. Thanks Terri K. 6-24-18

Here she is today. She is the wildest, sweetest Rattie we have had! The best I’ve ever seen with other dogs and kids. We love her! Linda H. 6-14-18

Safe and sound! We love him! Thanks, Dahyana 5-11-18

At the lake – today I was changing the water in Shade’s pen and I spilled some water Shade Was right beside me outside the pen and quick as a wink she ran over to the mop and started tugging it trying to bring it back to me she is so smart😀 Thanks, 3-21-18

Just wanted to send you a picture of KoKo from the Brewers. She is a great one. Thank you! Larry 2-13-2018

Hi I told you that I would send pictures of Leo now named Spanky he is a busy boy but we love him very much sorry so late in sending pictures.



Dear Kennels,
Oliver is growing up quickly and healthy. He is so lovely, we all love him. Thank you very much for giving us such a lovely puppy.
We all missing his little time, if you still have Oliver’s pictures specially Oliver with Pumpkin, please sent to me by return this mail, thank you in advance,
Have a happy Thanks Giving holiday!

Hard to believe it has been almost a year since we received Breeze (formerly Windy).
She has blended into our family very well as well as been a fabulous help for my wife while she goes through her cancer treatment.
Thank you very much for our little bundle of joy.
She is the small one in the pic. The other is Aspen my little girl from Washington state.

Brandon Latimer

Hi DeEtta. Here’s a picture of our fur babies. We have been so happy with both of them. They are so sweet. Both of them have the best disposition and they seem to enjoy each other’s company.
Thank you again. Enjoy your summer!
Lisa Merryman

What a great job you did socializing her. She fetched a little toy several times for Don. My grandson already loves her!


Good morning DeEtta and Jerry –

I’m sure you hear from a lot of satisfied customers over the years, but I wanted to give you and update on Murray (formerly Preston) who will turn 6 on February 13. He’s been such a joy over the past 6 years. We picked up agility when he was 4 and he has been amazing competing in NADAC and AKC trials over the past year. I’ve provided some pictures to show you an update on my favorite, spunky boy. We never have a dull moment in our household, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you!

Jordan Rose

Hi DeEtta,

Just wanted to let you know Pepper made it safely and we love her already! Thanks so much!


My wife had a Rat Terrier named Lucy for 13 years. They grew up together and were best friends. A few months ago, Lucy passed away. After some time had passed, I decided to try to find a Rat Terrier puppy for my wife and daughters for Christmas. I thought it would be a good idea to bring a new family member into our house and make new memories.

After searching in my area and looking online, I found Down Home Country Kennel. Their site was very informative and they made sure to provide photos and detailed information about all their dogs. I found a puppy that I was sure my wife and daughters would love and contacted Ms. DeEtta Simmons. She was extremely nice and helpful, making the process of purchasing and transporting the puppy to us very easy.

I gave the puppy to my wife and daughters for Christmas and to say they were surprised would be an understatement. My wife cried and said it is the best gift she’s ever received. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Ms. Simmons and Down Home Country Kennel. We look forward to raising our puppy; she’s already a true member of our family. If we ever decide to get another dog, we will certainly be contacting Down Home Country Kennel again.

Matthew from

Jasmine in her Tech Jersey, She has gotten so big.

Tammy Ballou

Suzy ( formally skye) is such a great edition to our family and DeEtta was so helpful with all questions.

Gary Ehlers (9-18-16)

Hi! This is my sweet Lacey (Pepper). I picked her up at the airport on June 17, 2016. She was enjoying a walk on a river trail the day I took this pic and she loved it! She is not only beautiful but also energetic, cute, healthy, precious and very loving! I’m so glad I chose Down Home Country Kennels and this Toy Rat Terrier!

Little Payton, female RT, going to her new home in Arkansas. 10-6-15

We purchased Maxwell Smart (formerly Lance) almost one year ago. He has been a blessing. We lost our best dog (Charlie) ever to cancer and got Max to help us through.
He has been beyond stupendous.
He’s loving (sleeps on our laps like a cat & he loves to be petted.) He’s very intelligent and talented. We’re hoping to get him involved with agility competitions- he does the neatest tricks on his own and is quite the jumper and racer.
He makes us laugh.
We have an inn and he is so very loving and social with all our guests and is just adorable with all the kids. He has captivated many hearts and created more interest in his breed. He has helped several guests dealing with the loss of their own dog and he’s a delightful playmate to our dog guests that come as well.
We love him dearly. He is the Angel in our midst that we needed.
Thank you.
Dorenna Hart. 3-10-15

Hi DeEtta and Jerry. We bought Cooper (now named Jack) from you in early September. He’s so energetic and always into trouble, we thought he might be tempered somewhat by getting him a roommate.

We would like to purchase Ardy and thought me might be a good companion for Jack.


Hi DeEtta,

Ellie is growing up to be such a nice girl. Graduated with a PHD (puppy higher degree).

Karin Caswell

(Ellie is a cream Schipperke)

DeEtta, We arrived home safely last night and Zoe was incredibly well behaved for the ride home. She is a bundle of energy (which is why I haven’t been able to get a good pic yet) and enjoys her new toys. She is a real sweetie and we are having a lot of fun with her.

Amy and Paul Tomlinson

We just wanted to thank you so much for our little “Xmas Wish” – we renamed him Wolfgang Amadeus (since I love Mozart) but call him “Wolfie” — he has been adorable and we are so happy with him – he’s a very busy little guy and loves my husband’s shoelaces….! Here are some cute pics of him –

Thanks again – Happy New Year!
Carol Hargrove Devlin & Matt Devlin

Hello again, I just wanted to share some pics of Tater-Tot with you. Thank you again for the best Christmas present ever & we hope you & your family had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year.

Stephanie & Family

Hi, DeEtta!

I bought a puppy from you back in July and I wanted to check in and let you know what a wonderful dog he is. He was born on 4/20/11.

His original name was “Peanut” but now he is fondly known as “Buckwheat.” He has been an absolute blessing in my life. He is smart, hilarious, and overall an amazing dog. He is such a little character and very affectionate.

I attached a few pictures for you. The one in the middle is my fiance. Buckwheat adores him!!!

I hope all is well,
Jilda Spyres & Buckwheat


I thought you might like to see how Cady and Cody have grown over the months. The first two pictures were taken shortly after they came to me. #1. playing in the backyard#2. supposed to be napping in their baby playpen while I work on the computerThe third picture was taken at Christmas time and even though they have outgrown the playpen, they still like to sleep in it as I work late at night when they want to go to bed, but don’t want to be away from me. The fourth and fifth pictures were taken at the end of February. My, how they’ve grown!#4. Cady…what a little princess. She prances around teasing Cody to get him tochase her. Quite a beauty, don’t you think.#5. Cody…what a handsome lad. He’s got a very easy going personality. He’s gota regal stance, so I guess he’s the prince.Needless to say, they are dearly loved! They get along well with their “big brother”, Tucker. They even get along with their cat brother, Brady, and cat sisters, Brody, Tabby, and Taffy (although they do like to chase them once in a while).They were just what I needed to complete my family.Thanks, again.


He has already found a place in the family. It only took the other two about 30 minutes to warm up to him. He is super smart and playful and at the end of the day everyone it tuckered out. We all love him and couldn’t be happier! I included a couple of pics of Martin (now Atrie) with Cloie and Rockey (who we got from you as well).

Thanks again, you guys are the best!
Heather Smith

Hi DeEtta, Just wanted to send you a picture of Jasmine who we renamed Dharma. She is a happy little girl who brings us so much joy. She is healthy and eats like a horse. Thank you so much.
David Sands

Just want to let you know that Star, who we have named Nichole but call her Niki, is doing great. She is about twice the size as when we got her. She eats like horse. She has so much pep and energy it is fun to watch. Here she is with her brother who is 6. When we first got her she would run right underneath him.

Richard DeRose
Boca Raton, FL 33428

Dear DeEtta,

We picked up Bella on Dec 15th 2009 and here is a picture of her now. Thank you so very much, she is more than I wished or hoped she’d be. She has filled that empty hole and has brought us so much happiness. She was spayed today and my husband and I are suffering right along with her, she is our baby girl, spoiled but still perfect. Thanks again, Kim and Don Walcott (4-13-2010)

We have enjoyed Lucy so much. She is a very smart little girl and she is such a lover. She loves to snuggle at your neck and give hugs. She enjoys playing with our big girl Abby and our daughter Destinee. Thought you might enjoy a picture of them. 12-23-09

I just wanted to thank you again for Kaley. She is a sweet pup. She keeps the kids on the couch and is a delight to have. She loves to bite on toes and grab a mouth full of hair and pull. I have attached a recent pic of her after herding the kids on the couch. We have renamed her Sophia Claire the Tornado.

Kansas City, Mo

Hi DeEtta!

In March we purchased Peanut ( now Skeeter ) a Rat Terrier from you. Just wanted to thank you and send you a couple pictures. One is Skeeter and the other is Skeeter snuggling with his big brother Dozer. Skeeter is so cute, smart and energetic. He loves to run in our field. I’ve never seem a rat terrier run as fast ah he does. We’re so glad to have him in our lives. Thanks again, Lauren Losee

DeEtta, Thanks again and we would love to see Avery’s picture posted on your website. He’s a lively little boy and brings us great joy every day. David Sands (3-22-09)

I am sending you just a few pics ( of the 2 puppies we got from you… Cloie (1+ yrs) and Rocky (under a year – the newest addition). They are 2 peas in a pod. We love them so much. Thank you,Thank you!! Heather & Will Smith Kanasa City, MO (3-15-09)

Gentry has been doing everything with me and staying with me so we can get to know eachother. When I feed him, I give him puppy food in a little bowl from my hand. He gets his drinks this way too. I’ve been off work since last Friday, spending lots of time with him.
I have to go to work tomorrow and I’ll miss him and look forward to coming home to see him. He’s precious!

Here is a cute picture of Pee Wee and Austin. Just wanted to say thanks for a great puppy!

Kasey Crow

Here are the Christmas pictures of puppies. Dunkin – the chocolate, now weighs more Franklin, the black one. They are both just a little over 10lbs.

They are great dogs, their manes are starting to come in and Franklin looks like the perfect Schipperke.

Dunking makes us laugh a lot, he is a little rounder than Franklin, I keep saying he is big boned.

Hope you had a good Christmas.

Greg & Kathie

DeEtta, Thanks again for Annie (from Baby). She’s doing great. Renamed her “Gracie”.My daughter was here over Christmas with her Sheltie and between Roxie and Ruby (the Sheltie), they taught Gracie the art of the doggie door….doing”it” outside….and of course some bad habits like dragging everything out the doggie door. Ha. She’s a cutie and has established herself here as the Alpha dog….she’s a real protector, barking at whatever comes between us and her. She and Roxie are getting along great, Gracie insists on the pillow however, and our kingsize bed is getting smaller! Our cat, Peeper’s, has finally decided she’s staying and seems to have fun playing with her.Thought I’d update you and again thanks! Lauri Blair Las Vegas, Nv. (1-10-08)


I was looking thru my file cabinet and found Leela’s (Shyla) pictures and figured I drop you an e-mail. She is doing wonderful!! I am attaching some photos of her and Homer.

Hope all is well,
Tara Browne
Leela, Female Rat Terrier (one with her ears up)


I just wanted to send you a few pics of how she is doing…

Thank you so much, we love her to death…

Heather Smith, Katy, TX
Purchased 4-25-08
Valentine, Female Rat Terrier

This is Trevor, Schipperke male pup, purchased from me on 8-1-08 by Andrea Richard, Reeding, PA.

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